Thank you for applying to the Christian Healing Certification Program. There is one final step to complete your application process. Please print out PDF file below of the Pastoral Recommendation form and have it completed and returned back to us within one week. You will receive a follow-up email confirming your acceptance into the program and your book ordering information. We pray many blessings as you walk in this new journey of learning.

  pdf CHCP Pastoral Recommendation Form

Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my time is needed to take a course?
The first level courses start out needing approximately 8-10 hours a week. This is a conservative estimate. If you haven’t taken a course in a while or been reading on a regular basis, give yourself a little more time. You need to spend a couple hours a day on the program, which can be part of your daily devotional time with the Lord. The higher level courses will require an additional 4-6 hours of study time conservatively.

Can I take more than one course at a time?
Yes, you can take as many or as few courses to fit your schedule as long as you have the free time needed to complete the course materials.

Do I have to be a Pastor or a trained minister to take this program?
No, this program is for anyone that has a heart for ministry and desires additional preparation and training.

Should I take all the first level courses first or just pick one track and do all four levels progressively?
We recommend that you complete all the first level courses first to give you a well-rounded foundation to build upon. Then continue on in the track that your heart is being more pulled toward while being led by the Holy Spirit.

Do I have to download anything onto my computer?
No, you just simply log on to the online learning center at http://healingcertification.com/coursearea/ and everything is there right at your fingertips. You just click on the videos and other course materials that are supplied.

Do I have to attend any manditory meetings or come to the Global Awakening home office?
No, the CHCP program is all done online from the comfort of your home. However, we highly recommend that you attend one of our conferences or ministry trips so that you can have a practical experience praying over the sick.

Do I have to pay for an entire track or the whole program upfront?
No, you pay as you go. You only need to pay for the courses that you take at the time of registration. This allows you to pay over time to complete the program at an affordable price.

How long does it take to complete the program?
If you are only taking one track, this can be done in 10 months while taking one class at a time. The entire program would take 2 ½ years to complete if you only took one class at a time. If you took multiple courses at once, in much less time. To complete the entire program you must pass 12 courses (four levels of three tracks). We offer 5 sessions of courses a year.

What do I do if I’m planning to take a missions trip during a course?
If you are only going to be gone a week or two, we will work with you on getting your assignments turned in ahead of time and allowing grace for you to catch up once you return. If you plan on taking a trip that is over two weeks long, we recommend you postpone taking the course until the next session, so you can fully enjoy your trip without the added stress of trying to complete assignments.

How does the certification work?
There are three different levels of certification you can receive. The beginning level is called The Practitioner Certification. You must complete the 1st & 2nd levels of all three tracks. A total of 6 courses. No residency is required. The total cost for this certification is $2,250 which can be paid course by course over time. This amount is not required upfront.

The intermediate level is called Specialist Practitioner. The Specialist Practitioner certification is for the person who wants to specialize in just one particulate area. With this certification, you would complete the 1st & 2nd levels off all three tracks and continue on to complete levels 3&4 of the desired track to specialize in. For a total of 8 courses. A residency is required. The total cost for this certification is $3,400 which can be paid course by course over time. This amount is not required up front.

The advanced and highest level of certification level that we offer is called the Master Equipper Certification. The Master Equipper certification is for the person who wants to specialize in all the tracks and complete the entire program. With this certification, you would complete all four levels of all three tracks for a total of 12 courses. A residency is required. The total cost of this certification is $5,400 which can be paid course by course over time. This amount is not required up front.

What does the residency include?
The residency includes reading several assigned books and writing a book report. You will also need to set-up a public speaking engagement and video record yourself teaching. Also, you will write a training manual to train and equip others. The cost of Specialist Practitioner residency is $200 and the Master Equipper is $300. This amount is not included in the price of your course tuition.

These residencies can be done easily from your home base with the long distance support of a Global mentor via email, phone and Skype.

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Join the Global Awakening Ministry Team

One of the benefits of being a CHCP student is the opportunity to participate at any of our events held around the world. After completing the foundational course of the program Physical Healing 1, you will receive a ministry team badge via mail that can be worn at any of our conferences. You are welcome to be a part of the ministry team at these conferences during special times of personal ministry designated by our speakers. 

Also, each year we have special student, staff and faculty gatherings at our Voice of the Prophets and Voice of the Apostles conferences. At these gatherings, you will receive special ministry impartation from Randy Clark and other ministers associated with the CHCP program. You will also get to mingle and fellowship with students from your courses, Global Awakening staff and your instructors.

CHCP Event Participation

CHCP EventParticipation

CHCP Event Participation


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