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You will note as you go through the various Physical Healing course levels that some subjects are repeated in every course level. This is intentional, knowing that learning takes place where there are multiple ways the information is being processed, and repetition is an important part of the learning process. You will receive the most important concepts through video, audio and reading as well as being asked to implement what we are studying in activities, clinical experiences, and reflective writing about what you are learning.

Track Objectives

  • To equip healing ministers with the understanding and spiritual tools necessary to become effective.
  • To provide a balanced and acceptable process for healing for those in need of physical healing, focusing on love and compassion and the worth of persons who come for ministry.
  • To provide a solid biblical theology for the ministry and practice of healing.
  • To help establish healing ministry teams in local churches or Healing Rooms.
  • To foster the inclusion of healing ministry in the regular preaching and teaching of local churches.

Course Information

  • Course duration: 8 weeks per course
  • Coursework: Your coursework will consist of video teachings (interviews and sermons), as well as reading assignments. The videos will be provided online in your course; the books must be purchased separately before your class begins.
  • Homework: Homework is due each week on Thursday and Sunday. Your homework is based upon each week’s assigned videos and reading portions.
  • Facilitators: Our classes are led by facilitators, who support you as you learn through the video teachings and the required reading each week. Your facilitator will grade and respond to your homework posts. Their job is to ensure you are learning and growing as you interact with the material.
  • Class Participation: You are required to respond to other classmates’ posts as well as to your facilitator’s responses to your posts. This aspect of class participation is part of your grade.
  • Grading: Your grade is determined by the successful completion of homework (see Criteria for Grading in syllabus sample) as well as class participation. Your facilitator will grade you.

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