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Training & certification in Biblical healing

For more than half a century, anti-Christian groups have been attempting to gain recognition, power, and authority in the area of healing. To get their practices into hospitals, they have been focusing on producing studies on their healing methods that could be published in scientific, peer-reviewed journals. Meanwhile, the Christian community was asleep, not realizing the importance of having studies completed and published on the efficacy of Christian prayer.

Providentially, Randy Clark came across a letter from Dora Kunz, the co-founder of Therapeutic Touch. In the letter, she asserts that they would publish their studies, but Christians wouldn’t. She was correct in her assumptions.

Randy’s concern for the hospitals of America has been growing since the late 1990’s. He saw them moving away from their Christian heritage in favor of alternative healing practices rooted in anti-Christian beliefs. Today, many American hospitals advertise alternative energy healing practices. Some insurance companies even pay for Reiki or Therapeutic Touch. Much of this advertising is misleading, often proclaiming, “Learn to heal like Jesus with the laying on of hands.” Have you ever stopped to wonder why Jesus is mentioned in these ads? Realizing that the majority of Americans are either Christian or have a Christian heritage, advertising agents use Jesus as a marketing strategy.

The primary problem is that out of all the healing modalities mentioned by the National Institute of Health, there is only one that really represents healing as Jesus did. It isn’t Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, or Healing Touch; the only true method of healing is Christian intercessory prayer.

The Pontifical Office of the Vatican published a report indicating a need for training opportunities to be offered through Christian auspices, rather than non-Christian options that focus on balancing energy. The Christian Healing Certification Program is the only online healing training available that is rooted in the Christian faith. Developed by PhDs, with the advice of MDs, it emphasizes the true commissions of Jesus.


What will it do for You?

This program will give you the skills you need to see more people receive healing in the areas of Physical Healing, Inner Healing and Deliverance. It will empower you to move effectively in the area of healing within the theology of Christianity. Your ability to discern when a system of healing is departing from the core beliefs of Christianity will be strengthened.

Students enrolled in this program can receive training from the beginner level, taking one track or all three. Students may also opt to specialize in one, two, or all three tracks.


What will it do for the Christian Community?

The Christian healing model utilized in the Christian Healing Certification Program offers a balanced, biblical healing model for the Church. This model embraces the wisdom and value of all the various streams of healing within Christianity. It does not attack other models, but looks for what each offers to the ministry of healing. This model can be readily adapted for hospitals, clinics, churches, workplaces, hotels, and any other place where someone needs healing. It has been used by thousands worldwide and has been positively discussed in academic books published by Oxford Press and Harvard Press.[1] It is pastoral, psychologically-sound, biblically-based, and proven effective in scientific studies.


What Will It Do For Local Churches?

Randy Clark used over thirty years of pastoral and ministry experience to develop this program. Dr. Epperson, recruited by Randy as a developer of the Inner Healing/Soul Care track and the Deliverance track, has been ministering in these areas for over thirty years. Rodney Hogue, a Southern Baptist pastor, helped develop the Deliverance track alongside Dr. Epperson. Randy and Rodney will complete their doctorate of ministry degrees in 2014 from United Theological Seminary, a Methodist seminary; both presently have Master of Divinity degrees from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary respectively.

Randy has been involved in training people in healing and deliverance since 2001. His ministry work has taken him to six continents where he worked with churches across every denomination. With the local church as the focal point for this program, Randy developed the online program so that students would not have to leave their home or church to receive training.

Those who complete the program, finishing each course in all three tracks, are well equipped to come on staff as the Pastor of Equipping. This is a new staff position desperately needed in churches if they are to fulfill the Great Commission and raise up disciples. Graduates who complete the whole program are well equipped to train others in the local church. Over the course of the program, they will gain hands-on experience, developing lessons and writing their own ministry team training manual.


What will it do for Healing Rooms?

Each course in the Christian Healing Certification Program is set up to provide the student with a stronger understanding of the principles of healing and the doctrinal basis for healing. Students will receive practical, hands-on experience, building confidence and cementing their ability to be led by the Spirit in ministry. By the end of the course, students will have received impartation to increase the anointing for the ministries of healing and deliverance and to activate the spiritual gifts. This training in physical healing, inner healing, and deliverance leaves students well prepared to serve in Healing Rooms. Exposure to positive perspectives on various Christian emphases provides beneficial development in humility and fosters a greater sense of unity among team members. Healing Room directors in particular would benefit from having a background in this training.


[1] Candy Gunther Brown, ed., Global Pentecostal and Charismatic Healing, ed. Candy Gunther Brown (New York, NY: Oxford University Press, Inc., 2011).
Candy Brown, Testing Prayer: Science and Healing (New Haven, Connecticut: Harvard University Press, 2012).

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