CHCP Association of Ministers

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  • Testimonials

    “Taking the CHCP courses has completely changed how I see the world around me and given me faith and encouragement. I am learning how to effectively help people transform into who God has called them to be.” — Hannah, NY
  • Testimonials

    “Taking Physical Healing I & 2 have forced me out of “retirement” as a Vineyard Pastor. Praying for the healing of others is now a regular part of my experience and walk with Christ. God Bless You!” — Brian, VA
  • Testimonials

    “This program has given me the courage and confidence to step up and move toward where God wants me to. I’m starting to pray over people more and more. Thanks CHCP!” — Janet, IA
  • Testimonials

    “I love CHCP because of the interactions and the amazing testimonies of my classmates and the video interviews with Randy! CHCP is providing extremely valuable spiritual training tools and experience as well as positive reinforcement and mentoring to us.” — Sally, MO

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