Healing Certification Program Overview

Our Mission

The Christian Healing Certification Program (CHCP) is an online ministry training program with an emphasis on offering an educational experience often overlooked in traditional seminaries. CHCP presents a practical, theologically grounded option for anyone looking to expand their ministry training.

CHCP embraces a holistic approach, providing a hands-on experience for anyone with an interest in Physical Healing, Inner Healing or Deliverance. Our mission is to provide knowledge applicable to frontline ministry efforts, without taking students away from their home base. This online program allows students to take as many or as few courses as needed to suit their schedule and their ministry needs. Perfect for ministry leaders, those in the medical field and the lay person, this program is designed for the experienced and inexperienced alike.


The Program

The Christian Healing Certification Program offers three primary areas of study – Physical Healing, Inner Healing and Deliverance.

The Physical Healing Track is designed to train and equip students to minister God’s miraculous healing for the physical body. Starting out with a Biblical Basis for Healing, you will be trained in Global Awakening’s Five Step Prayer Model and Words of Knowledge. You will hear from seasoned leaders such as Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker and other internationally known healing ministers that share personal keys to their ministry of healing, incredible testimonies, encouraging personal breakthroughs and impartation.

The Inner Healing Track approaches the restoration of the soul from a comprehensive approach. First, you will learn how to hear God’s voice and walk in a greater understanding of His extravagant love. This track will highlight and minister biblically regarding the influences on a person’s heart that could lead to or have already led to unbelief. This training will equip you to minister to the “inner man” and will give you the training to teach others.

The Deliverance Track is designed to give students a strong foundation for ministering to individuals who find themselves encumbered with the demonic. This foundation builds upon a simple yet effective process for administering deliverance rooted and grounded in love. This course soundly and methodically equips individuals to bring freedom to those in bondage.


Classroom Structure

Limited to approximately 15 people per class, each online course will be eight weeks in length. Class instructors will facilitate and encourage student discussion on course materials, including any books, video and audio files covered by the class. Coursework will consist of a set number of hands-on activities per course. First level courses require approximately 10-12 hours a week of study time, with each successive course requiring more extensive coursework and a higher level of academic expectation.

The courses are facilitated by Dr. Randy Clark’s associates and others he has personally trained. These instructors have also received additional training in online education from Dr. Arlin Epperson. The program is led by Michael Hutchings, MDiv, Doctoral Candidate, Paul Martini, Program Developer, and Remy Lehner, Administrator.


Credentials & Experience

The entire program has been developed by Dr. Randy Clark with assistance from Dr. Arlin Epperson, PhD. Dr. John Ruthven, PhD, and Dr. Gary Greig, PhD, former professors of theology at Regent University in Virginia, have also contributed to the program. Each track will be directed by experts in the field of study.

Dr. Randy Clark, an expert with thirty years of experience in healing, oversees the Physical Healing Track. He currently leads Global Awakening, an international ministry with a particular focus on equipping people to minister in physical healing and deliverance. Global has spent the last seven years offering ministry trips and schools of healing and impartation nationally and internationally.

Micah Joy Williams, an associate of Global Awakening with 10 years of ministry experience, has developed the Inner Healing Track that approaches the restoration of the soul from a comprehensive approach. Micah has trained with renowned ministries that specialize in healing the “inner man” (the mind, will and emotions).

Dr. Rodney Hogue, an associate of Global Awaking, has developed the Deliverance Track. As the Senior Pastor of Community of Grace Church, he brings over thirty years of practical ministry experience to this program.

In addition to the high academic standards set by these people, we will also draw upon the experience of healing ministers with powerful healing ministries of their own, some of whom may not have doctorates, but certainly have the credentials of Heaven.

While currently non-accredited, CHCP is in the process of becoming accredited by a number of Christian education associations and institutions.


Bill Johnson"Randy Clark is the single greatest equipper for healing of anyone I’ve ever met or even read about in history. My life has been forever changed by his influence on me. His Christian Healing Certification Program is sure to help people come into a greater understanding of this vital area of ministry. And even more important is that participants will have greater fruitfulness for the glory of God. I highly recommend this training program. It will change your life."

Bill Johnson
Bethel Church, Redding, CA


Heidi Baker"Randy carries a powerful healing anointing. I have personally experienced a radical acceleration and have seen a multiplication of signs and wonders in my own life since first encountering him. He not only moves in great measures of healing, he also empowers others to do the same. I highly recommend Randy’s Christian Healing Certification Program (CHCP) because it is a wonderful mix of solid teaching with practical application. Randy and his team will not let people simply learn about healing; they will activate and empower them to heal the sick in Jesus' name and to move in signs and wonders. Sitting under Randy and his team for a season is a sure way to accelerate and to grow in releasing God’s great love and power to the sick and the broken."

Heidi Baker, Ph.D.
Founding Director of Iris Global


Ché Ahn"Randy Clark is a man of integrity, humility and Christ-like character. His passion for God and His Kingdom is evident in his personal life and ministry. He has an amazing anointing to impart and activate the spiritual gifts especially the gifts of healing. Anyone who receives by faith from Randy will accelerate to another level in the healing anointing. With a passionate pursuit to see healings, signs, and wonders manifest globally, Randy has developed the Christian Healing Certification Program, which I believe to be one of the best healing programs ever designed. This biblically and theologically sound program focuses on Physical Healing, Inner Healing, and Deliverance; three critical components to a solid framework for an effective healing ministry. I highly recommend this practical program to anyone with a desire to be activated in a greater measure in healing and deliverance."

Dr. Ché Ahn
Senior Pastor, HRock Church, Pasadena, CA
President, Harvest International Ministry
International Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute


"The Christian Healing Certification Program offered by Randy Clark at Global Awakening represents a dream eagerly sought for at least three decades, but have not seen in traditional seminary or Bible college training. This unique program teaches the correct Christian content using the correct training methods created by an outstanding group of experienced practitioners and professors. The quality and effectiveness of this certification program exceeds anything I have encountered in my lifetime."

Jon Mark Ruthven
Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology and Ethics, Regent Divinity School, Virginia

Certificate of Completion:

Certificates will be granted to students who have successfully completed all requirements for each course, entire track and entire program. Please note, receiving a Certificate of Completion is not the same as a track or program certification.


Certification Requirements:

In order to become certified through the Christian Healing Certification Program in the areas of Physical Healing, Inner Healing and/or Deliverance, students must:

  • Successfully complete all requirements for the desired track(s)
  • Successfully complete a 4 - 6 month residency program
  • Receive good evaluations from all of the following:
    • Online instructors
    • Course mentors
    • Qualified residency mentors
  • Pass an independent review board



Although the Christian Healing Certification Program (CHCP) is currently non-accredited, we are in the process of seeking accreditation by at least one Christian association. CHCP is currently certified by an independent board of certification. This board is comprised of doctorates from the communities of medicine, theological education, secular education and psychology. 

Tuition & Fees

The charts below detail the tuition breakdown for each individual course as well as the overall cost to complete one of the categories of certification. This overall cost includes that of the required courses for each category of certification as well as the residency if required. In addition to the costs listed below, students will be given a list of required reading for each course which is not included in the price of tuition.

For more information on the different certification options as well as the residency, please see the Certification & Residency page.

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