Healing Blog

True stories of miraculous healing from Randy Clark and others.

The First Time I Was Healed

illustrated example of a pinched back nerve The first time I was miraculously healed was after a terrible car accident at the age of eighteen. I was driving the car when it happened, and it was to be an accident that would take a life and change one — mine — forever.

While I was driving with three friends, two that were my best friends, a car was passing, lost control, and slid into the side of my vehicle, knocking my car off the road. I don’t remember much from the accident itself, but I was told my car went about 50 feet before hitting a concrete embankment, then flipped end-over-end, hit a pole, and landed in a ditch. My good friend was killed in the accident, his sister was severely injured, and the other had minor injuries. I, myself, was badly hurt. I would need sixty stiches in my face from lacerations. I had crushed facial bones, broken ribs, and a paralyzed digestive tract.[…]

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