Yes, it is true: Jesus Still Heals The Sick

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A recent testimony:

A recent testimony: Two years ago, a relative was diagnosed with a form of "treatable" cancer that requires a chemotherapy regimen; whereby, the surgeon inserts the chemo into the tissue affected by the cancer. Obviously, chemotherapy is debilitating, drastically affecting the patient's quality of life. Following her treatment she struggled with nausea, weight loss, fatigue, and hair loss. Through several bouts of chemotherapy, she kept a positive attitude and never complained. As I live several hundred miles from her, it was difficult to schedule a time to minister healing. Finally, earlier this year both my wife and I had opportunity to lay hands on her and pray. As we prayed, we invited the Holy Spirit to fill her with His presence. Immediately we could see that she was being touched by the Lord. We continued blessing the Holy Spirit's activity for several minutes. Later, we felt released to begin speaking to the cancer as we would a demonic spirit, telling it to leave in Jesus' name. Additionally, we invited the healing power of Jesus to manifest in her physical body.

A month after praying, our relative went through a cancer scan and was given a clean bill of health. Now, months later she again was subjected to a thorough scan, only to receive the same news: no cancer, thus no need for chemotherapy.

Yes, it is true: Jesus still heals the sick.

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About the Author
Raised in a cessationist church, Michael Miller was radically impacted by an encounter with the Holy Spirit at age 18. He soon began attending the Anaheim Vineyard pastored by John Wimber and later was mentored by Danny Steyne. Michael has served churches over the past 16 years in various pastoral capacities as a youth pastor, administrator, and senior pastor. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from Ottawa University, a Masters from Grand Canyon University, and a Doctorate from United Theological Seminary. His passion is to see people flourish under God’s grace, peace, and power. He and Christina have been happily married for 26 years and have four amazing children.



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