Word of Knowledge Bloopers

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My History

When I was growing up, I was taught that having a word of knowledge meant that one was supernaturally discovering something about someone else. I thought getting words of knowledge was about getting facts from Jesus supernaturally, and I did not think it was related to healing. Several years ago Will Hart taught me that having a word of knowledge could be for the purpose of effecting a healing, too. When Will taught on healing through words of knowledge, I felt inspired to go for it!

Healing Through Words of Knowledge in the Marketplace

When I first started giving words of knowledge in the market place, I would walk away if the recipient told me it was not accurate. Looking back, I have to laugh about it! Picture this: I would approach someone with crutches and ask them, “Do you have a problem in your back? I received a word of knowledge for you.” They told me that they did not, so instead of asking them if I could pray for whatever caused them to need crutches, I would just walk off. Yes, that happened! I thought being wrong about the word of knowledge disqualified the encounter I had, and that I did not have the right to pray for anything else. I remember the day my mindset changed.

While I was grocery shopping, I felt I had a word of knowledge for someone about a hip problem. I randomly asked someone and they told me they did not. Then, they told me that they had knee pain. Instead of praying, I walked away. Yes, I walked away! Again, I felt disqualified to pray. I still felt that word was for someone, and was determined to try again.

Later that day I was at a Post Office and asked someone else if they had hip pain. This person also told me that they did not have a hip problem. As I walked away they told me that they did have a knee problem. As I continued to walk away, the thought struck me that maybe I should pray for their knee since that was the second time someone said they had knee pain. So, I turned around and offered to pray for their knee. Jesus healed their knee on the sidewalk outside of a Post Office! All from someone that got a word of knowledge “wrong”.

One time I asked Jesus to give me a prophetic word to start an encounter for someone. The prophetic word was accurate, so I decided to ask Him for a word of knowledge. The funny thing was that it seemed the person I was praying for had problems in every area of his body except where I had the word of knowledge for! Perhaps, it was easier for Jesus to tell me what was not wrong with him, instead of what was wrong. I offered to pray for anything needed, and he was healed in a parking lot outside a hotel! We continued speaking, and he ended up giving his life to Christ!

I like to call those stories word of knowledge “bloopers”. When it seems someone got it “wrong”, but it ends up leading to an encounter with Christ! Just for the record, I have received accurate words of knowledge, but wanted to talk about the “bloopers” that are not talked about as often. During this process I have learned that I may not be right every time, but that mentality should not stop an encounter.

Getting It Right

How do we get it right in these situations where a word of knowledge about healing is wrong? I recommend asking if there is pain somewhere else and/or giving them a prophetic word. Count it as a blooper, but do not count it as a disqualification for further interaction. I have led people to Christ in the market place by not allowing myself to shut down after feeling like I got it “wrong”. We have to remember that we are not performing, but showing people how much God loves them! So, go out there and have your own word of knowledge “Bloopers”! Something amazing may happen when you think you went down the wrong path.

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About the Author
Ben Williams is an administrator for Global School, Global School Online, GSI, and the Satellite programs. He is also a CHCP Instructor, author of Basics in 21 Days, pastor of Convergence Center, and founder of Life Ministries InternationalHis desire is to make a lasting difference with the love and power of God.



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