Healing through Impressions

paranoid s imageI have gained insights into how gifts, faith, and healing and miracles are related. These insights come from forty-three years of experience in ministry, with thirty years of active praying for the sick, and having the occasion to work with and dialogue with more than ten ministers who are all noted for their ministry of healing.

During these years of ministering to thousands of people and several thousand meetings I have noticed the connection between healing and faith, and the connection between faith and revelatory gifts. With few exceptions most of the miraculous type of healings involved a gift of faith, and almost always this gift of faith was the result of a revelatory gift. Even when it seemed no gift such as a word of knowledge or a prophecy occurred there was still the still small voice or impression instructing the person praying or the one being prayed for what to do.

For example, two of the greatest healings where no apparent word of knowledge was involved, yet where revelation was involved were the healing of Julie who had paranoid schizophrenia, severe obsessive compulsive disorder, and anorexia in Tucson, AZ; and the healing of a man totally blind for over fifty years, due to a muriatic acid spill in his eyes, in Goiania, Brazil at the Igreja Videira Church pastored by Aloisio Silva. This man had no visible pupils or corneas: all that could be seen was thick scar tissue.

Julia was healed when her stepfather heard an impression, through which he knew to go get Julia and bring her to the meeting. He did so, and in that meeting her healing began, and was finished during the night. Julia heard an impression to anoint her head with oil. She obeyed, and then she heard another impression, “Now anoint your whole body with oil.” Again, she obeyed, and this time the power of God came as an electrical force, knocking her to the floor where she lay all night with currents of electricity going through her body. In the morning she was healed.blnid eye image

The blind man was healed when a woman on the ministry team had an impression to pray for him. She did so for five hours, though nothing was happening to him when she would stop to interview him. How could she pray for five hours when nothing was happening? It was because she kept having a strong impression, “Do not stop praying.” She obeyed. When she stopped for the night, there was not any change in his ability to see. The woman returned the next day to the , but on the third morning, the man woke up without scar tissue and new pupils and corneas, and with good vision.

These cases would, however, not be the norm. The norm would be for a prophecy or word of knowledge to precede the faith to sustain the prayer. Moreover, though no public word of knowledge or prophecy was given in these two cases, the two who were most involved in their healings did have personal revelation about what to do. In addition, one of the ways a word of knowledge is received is by impression, which is what happened in both of these examples.


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Dr. Randy Clark is the founder and president of Global Awakening. Among other things, he also founded the Christian Healing Certification Program.
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