How My Grandparents Affected My Faith For Healing

My grandfather had a radical conversion, delivering him from alcohol addiction and a lifestyle of infidelity. He and my father were converted side by side on the same night. This happened when I was about two years old. He became a devoted Christian who loved God: a man of prayer and compassion. I would sit next to him often in the little country Baptist church.

When he was 62 he died of colon and bone cancer. I was 16 years old, and this caused a problem for my faith in healing. The same church that had prayed for my Sunday school teacher prayed for my grandfather; many churches prayed for him, but he died! I had no answers to my theological problem of why grandmother was healed and grandfather died.

My maternal grandmother also had a profound impact upon my life spiritually. She was illiterate, could only write her name and read a stop sign, but she could hear God speaking to her internally, and a few times audibly. We were Baptists, but country Baptists. My grandmother told me when she first heard the audible voice of God. She had a large goiter, and at the time the doctors did not know how to treat them. The audible voice of God told her to go into the other bedroom, pray, and He would heal her. When she simply obeyed, she told me it felt like a hot hand had gone down into her throat causing the goiter to instantly vanish. I was only five when grandmother told me this, but it created an interest in healing in my life. I would love to sit on my great-grandmother’s lap and watch Oral Roberts and the healing line on black and white TV. 


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Dr. Randy Clark is the founder and president of Global Awakening. Among other things, he also founded the Christian Healing Certification Program.
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