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The passage that best summarizes this track is Isaiah 61, which in summary says that the Holy Spirit is going to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free individually, corporately, and generationally. This is a tremendous promise for Christians and our churches yet it has been badly neglected and needs to be restored. Inner healing, also known as emotional healing or soul care is a crucial part of what we do. Jesus actually quoted this scripture when He was inaugurated (Luke 4) and established it as a core focus for His life and legacy.

The care and cure of souls has been the job of godly people from the time of the Exodus. Moses received the word from God that he must teach the Israelites how to live so they would get “None of the Egyptians’ diseases”. The priests were the first community health officers in the Bible and we have inherited that mantle. Jesus, the Great Physician, gave us marching orders to go and make disciples to do everything He did. Our approach is not to equip a few inner healing specialists who touch only a small percentage of those who need the love and power of God. Rather, we follow Ephesians 4:11 that calls us to equip all of God’s people to do the ministry of healing, nurture, and growth.

Our goal is to train mature Christians how to raise up families, churches, and small groups that live together in ways that become ongoing healing & growth communities. We have seen such communities develop and thrive in congregations, psychiatric hospitals and small groups and hope God will allow us to multiply them all over the earth. This is most powerfully accomplished by equipping believers how to continually live in the love, truth and power of God from day to day.

Our courses use the DREAMS acrostic:

  • Didactic teaching through books and visuals
  • Reflections about the lessons with fellow learners and others as well as writing papers and prayerful thoughts
  • Experiential learning through practice
  • Accountability from our teachers who insure each student follows through on assignments
  • Modeling by observing special films and videos
  • Supernatural interactions with the Holy Spirit

Course Information

  • Course duration: 8 weeks per course.
  • Coursework: Your coursework will consist of video teachings (interviews and sermons), as well as reading assignments. The videos will be provided online in your course; the books must be purchased separately before your class begins.
  • Homework: Homework is due each week on Thursday and Sunday. Your homework is based upon each week’s assigned videos and reading portions.
  • Facilitators: Our classes are led by facilitators, who support you as you learn through the video teachings and the required reading each week. Your facilitator will grade and respond to your homework posts. Their job is to ensure you are learning and growing as you interact with the material.
  • Class Participation: You are required to respond to other classmates’ posts as well as to your facilitator’s responses to your posts. This aspect of class participation is part of your grade.
  • Grading: Your grade is determined by the successful completion of homework (see Criteria for Grading in syllabus sample) as well as class participation. Your facilitator will grade you.

Level 1

Inner Healing 1

What to Expect

The Inner Healing track begins by laying out the basics of God’s intention in creation and then to the drastic impact of fallen nature that impacted the whole of humanity and nature with sin, sickness, guilt and shame. It is why Jesus had to come to save, heal and draw us as individuals, families, groups and generations to His life of abundance. We begin with the need for an inner transformation through rebirth, conversion, forgiveness, and sonship and continue through a daily life of confession, repentance, healing prayers, and renewing the mind by taking every thought captive to Christ.

The author of the book of Hebrews encourages his readers to protect each other from letting their hearts fall into unbelief, hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. The way that he commissions them to safeguard against this is by understanding that we are partakers of Christ, and holding fast the assurance of that fact through our whole life. (Hebrews 3:12-14) This Inner Healing/Soul Care track exists to equip believers to do that for themselves, as well as in community with those around them.

We begin in Level 1 by covering the basic caring and theological skills and continue through the other levels for advanced skills of confrontation and renewing the mind before getting to family care. We then get to hurting hearts and souls through confession, repentance, inner healing prayer and generational freedom. Our graduates will understand the causes of inner wounds and know how to bring biblical relief to those issues and can train others to carry this good news to the people they know.

  1. The healer's personal journey: how they were called, key events and experiences.
  2. How they grew and learned in the area of healing and miracles.
  3. Significant breakthroughs in their life where they began to see more healing and miracles.
  4. How they developed the ability to see and hear in the Spirit
  5. Their most miraculous healing or deliverance stories.

Course Focus

This track and its instructors will highlight and minister biblically regarding the influences on a person’s heart that could lead to or have already led to unbelief in the following areas:

  • Our connection with and view of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • The centrality of love.
  • The identity of the believer.
  • The authority of the believer.
  • The privileges of the believer.
  • Knowing truth.
  • Walking in freedom from bondage.
  • The value and place of emotions.
  • Interaction with others.

Sometimes, we can simply hear truth and our heart responds with belief, setting us free in that area. Other times, God brings us on a journey of setting us free to believe truth so that we know why that unbelief came in to our heart. Inner healing/emotional healing/soul care is the process of seeing that happen. This equipping enables us to set others free. Those participating in all levels of this track can expect freedom for themselves as well as opportunities to help God set people free through them during the course.

What People Are Saying

“Thank you Randy Clark for developing one of the best Inner Healing Tracks ever and making it available to the nations of the world. I really enjoyed Inner Healing Level One especially as I learnt to dialogue with God through these assignments. This online course was one of the best investments I have ever made on my journey towards wholeness and true inner healing. There is an anointing and grace that comes over you as God reveals His passionate love and forgiving heart. Highly recommended for every believer in Christ.” — Sherry Frontin, Trinidad and Tobago

“Inner Healing 1 was a big revelation to me. First, I learned that there are a lot of things in my own life that needed to be made whole, or healed. Second, I see so many applications in the lives of people that I minister to. Third, this has given me a new tool to see results from healing prayer; I recently prayed for an old man with pain in the feet and a cloudy eye. The foot pain left as I prayed the five step prayer model, but the eye did not go clear. Then I asked inner healing questions and when I prayed again his eye went clear and he could see better.” — Mac Barnes, New Jersey

Syllabus Sample

Please note this is a sample only. It is meant to give you an idea of the structure of the course and the workload expected. Due to possible revisions to the syllabus we encourage you to find the most updated required reading for this course on globalawakeningstore.com. The complete, most up-to-date syllabus will be emailed to you upon registration.

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