Obadiah Swen

Swen, Obadiah


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Physical Healing: 12

I am the Senior Pastor of Bethel World Outreach Church – City of Glory in Alexandria, Virginia. Bethel City of Glory is a part of Bethel World Outreach Ministries International. A premier multicultural, missions-oriented, disciple making organization. I also work as a Financial Manager at Baltimore International Academy, Inc. My wife, Elizabeth and I have three lovely children, Lacinda, Othniel and Enoch. I have a passion for God and His people and desire to empower people to experience all that God has destined for them. I believe that God has more and want to do more in and through us. I believe God has called me to make a difference where I am and I am committed to helping people use the spiritual and physical resources the Lord has provided them to obey Him, and fulfill the destiny he has designed for them.


Ministry Name: Bethel World Outreach Church - City of Glory
Website: http://bethelva.com
Phone: 7035797983
Email: obelizswen@msn.com


3951 Burning Bust Ct
Fairfax, VA 22033 USA

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