Michael Sullivan

Sullivan, Michael


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Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 1
Deliverance: 1

Michael & Kelly Sullivan, The Anointed Life Acceleration Apostolic Father & Mother

For the past 15 years, Kelly & Michael have been on an adventure of The Anointed Life. Michael served as the Dir. of Evangelization for The Sanctuary of The Divine Mercy where he realized that the key to evangelization was healing, signs & wonders. That insight sent them on an adventure of discovery and breakthrough in healing, prophesy, and deliverance.

In 2013, they began a school of supernatural ministery out of their home in Chicago, following their training at GSI at Global Awakening, helping fellow Catholics to get activated in supernatural faith.

This adventure led him to becoming the Executive Producer of the ground breaking film FEARLESS (www.FearlessDocumentary.net) to share what God had shown them with the whole Church. Since then, there is a emerging awakening happening among Catholics! He spoke at the first Encounter Conference and is the Founder of The Divine Mercy Project - a ministry of street evangelization in Chicago. Kelly & Michael are the founders of The Sanctuary Academy - a new model of Catholic education that is a game-changer for Catholic education.

They both live and work towards the dawning of the Great Catholic Awakening with their seven children!

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