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Ben Scofield grew up as an MK (Missionary Kid) in Guatemala. He lived there from the time he was 9 until he was nearly 18. He met Randy Clark at a meeting within just a few months of having returned to the United States with his family in 1998. During that meeting in St. Louis, MO, Ben had an angelic encounter that made sure he made contact with Randy at just the right moment. This led to Ben giving a word of knowledge and seeing several people healed. When the same thing happened the next night, Randy asked Ben to travel with him full time. At the age of 18, Ben found himself traveling 180+ days per year and ministering healing, deliverance and impartation in churches all around the world. Ben teaches on healing, deliverance, the baptism of the Holy Spirit and impartation. In as much as he is called to doing the ministries of healing and deliverance, he feels equally called to equip the church to rise up with power in these areas. His desire is to see an army of average, every-day Christians moving in the power of God and taking the Gospel of power with them during everyday life.


Email: Ben@Scofield.cc


St. Louis, MO 63052 United States

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