Maria Sachlis

Sachlis Maria


No Certifications

Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 1
Inner Healing: 1
Deliverance: 1

I am an avocational lay leader still early in my learning process. I have been involved in inner healing ministry since 2012 but have been on a very steep learning curve. I have had training and regularly practice ministry in physical healing, inner healing and deliverance. My physical healing and deliverance training has been from Global Awakening and my local church. For inner healing, I have received training in and utilize techniques from Theophostic Prayer Ministry, Immanuel (Dr. Karl Lehmann), the Life Model, Sozo, and Global Awakening. I am a member of the leadership team on our church's growing healing prayer ministry.


Email: msachlis@me.com


Sterling, VA 20166 USA

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