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Song, Sean


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Physical Healing: 1234

I have a Radio ministry in Chinese and I share what I learned about Bible and healing to Chinese audiences. The name of ministry is Jairus' Bible World Ministry (睚鲁的圣经世界).

I was saved in an evangelical church but we could not have baby after we married 10 years due to my wife’s ovary failure. So I have been seeking divine healing after I exhausted all the natural means which include Chinese herbs and western medicine/IVF. But deep inside I believe God still heals today as “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever”. (Hebrews 13:8 NAS). I fasted and I prayed and I talked with God and I gave myself to him. I came out of my evangelical church around Mother’s day 2015 to seek help in Charismatic churches and I went out to many healing evangelists to have them pray for us. Nothing seemed to be working but that was how I came to know about the gift of healing and prophecy and I am still learning to know more about these two topics and many others. 

The Lord visited me in a dream one might in October 2015 and told me He already gave me the gift of healing. I was asking the Lord to give me that for a while but I could not believe it as I did not feel anything. He asked to me raise my arm and my hand, I felt the burning hot in both my right arm and my right hand. Also the Lord healed my wife miraculously in May 2016 and she is pregnant with a miracle baby. And the amazing things is the Lord told me in a dream “that you will have a child next month” before it happened and He also told me that it was a gift of Mother’s day in my spirit a little bit earlier. God also talked to me a number of times that I will have children and I have also received many prophecies foretelling I will have children. God is real and healing is real and there is still prophet today though it took me some journey to get there and some efforts to recognize His voice. I am determined to continue to develop my gifts of healing and prophecy to help others and build up the body of Christ. 

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