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Case-Cook, Brenda


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Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 123
Inner Healing: 1
Deliverance: 12

Blessed be God!

After becoming a Registered Nurse, I realized that higher education was only one key to making a lasting impact on the profession that I have come to ‘know’ and love. The other essential ingredient is, setting aside all external accomplishments and accolades, and in child-like simplicity, choose to intently listen for the inward directing of the Holy Spirit, who teaches us to obey, touch and pray in Jesus name. To this end, I am in minister's training at my local church. I have actively participated in a local healing room ministry and I pray for caregivers, visitors, patients and their families in the clinical environment, as much as time allows and the Spirit of God directs. 

In and of myself, I am no great wonder, but He who is within me is wonderful (Isaiah 9:6). As a CHCP student, I certainly don’t purport to have superior skills in the area of healing. However, I have witnessed God perform healing with these hands and I am willing to openly share my personal experiences in hopes of encouraging and empowering others to incorporate healing into their everyday work world. Especially, those who work in healthcare, because, as trusted providers we have been given open access to people who are oftentimes positioned precariously between life and death. At the very least we have the honor, opportunity and responsibility to attune others to the presence of God who may not realize He is already in their midst, ready and waiting to dispense comfort, peace, grace and love at a time when they are most weak and weary.

Is there a risk with practicing healing in the healthcare environment? Yes! Do I fully understand healing? No. Have I mastered it?No way! But, what I have I am willing to share (as a living witness) that there is dunamis power literally at our fingertips. Whystand by helplessly as illness, disease, pain, and death overcome our patients? Take God at His Word and trust Him to faithfully ‘show up and show out’ in the marketplace as much as He does at ‘the church house’.

It is such a blessing and joy to join in this association of like-minded people who are not only hungry for a move of God but willing to diligently pursue it through the only means that brings about true revelation, wisdom and understanding, first searching the scriptures then living out what is learned through direct application (2 Timothy 2:15). 

Please contact me if God leads you to request that I speak and/or teach your group or gathering. After all, faith cometh by hearing… Please, leave a message with your name, contact number and details including desired speaking date.

Greatly looking forward to being of use to the Master.


Brenda Case-Cook, is a dedicated, innovative, professional nurse with over 20 years’ experience in continuous bedside nursing, combined with being a Collegiate Professor of Medical/Surgical instruction. She believes that men and women are drawn to the nursing profession by a deep desire to bring healing to those entrusted to their care, however, that initial inclination needs constant nurturing, empowerment and active exercise in order to reach its full potential.

Dr. Case-Cook is the recipient of many honors, including, finalist for the ‘Brown Foundation Outstanding Nurse Award’, winner of the Houston Methodist system-wide ‘Nursing Innovation Award’ and winner of the Houston Methodist Hospital ‘ICARE’ award and most recently, winner of the 2016 ‘Daisy Award’ which is awarded nationally to ‘healers’ in healthcare.Academic achievements include, obtaining a Doctor of Nursing Practice, with an emphasis in Healthcare Leadership after starting out in the healthcare arena as a Certified Nurse Aide.


Phone: 832-757-9303
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Houston, TX 77407

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