Kathliene Sundt

Sundt, Kathliene


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Physical Healing: 1

I have a passion to see people healed. I love to lay hands on the sick and minister the power of Jesus to them. I love to see peoples lives transformed through miracles, healings and Words of Knowledge. My goal is to do my part in bringing heaven to earth. 

I am a married mother of 2 children, and I am a court appointed advocate for foster children in my city. I want to help transform my city one life at a time. I have heart for loving people who feel unloved, and unloveable. I love to stop for them, and show them the love of Christ in whatever way Jesus speaks.

The Lord led me to start these courses, and to eventually complete all 12 courses so that I can be an ambassador of healing for him in my area. 


Email: Kathliene@me.com


La Jolla, CA

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