Welcome to the Deliverance Track!

This course is intended for pastors, assistant pastors, church leaders, evangelists, and those who wish to establish a deliverance ministry in their church or as an independent ministry. It is for those who wish to bring this vital information to their church congregations, as well as those who have an informal ministry in their homes. It is for those upon whom God has laid a burden for those who need to be set free from darkness.

Track Objectives

  1. Equip members of the body of Christ with the understanding and spiritual tools necessary to become effective deliverance ministers
  2. Provide a balanced and acceptable process for praying for those in need of deliverance from darkness, focusing on love and compassion and the worth of persons who come for ministry
  3. Provide a solid biblical theology for the authority, ministry and practice of deliverance
  4. Help establish healing ministry teams in local churches including deliverance ministry teams
  5. Foster the inclusion of preaching and teaching about all forms of healing ministry in local churches

There are four courses in the Deliverance Track. The following areas will be covered in each course:

Deliverance I

  • Our Authority in Jesus Christ
  • Why is deliverance necessary, and why is it overlooked so much in Western churches
  • How darkness enters. The use of interview instruments, personal prayer and counselling, discerning of spirits and words of knowledge to detect intruders
  • Steps in determining if a person needs deliverance
  • How to remove dark spirits through confession and repentance, and the use of Pablo Botarri’s 10 step deliverance model
  • How to help seekers keep their healing
  • Forgiveness and how it relates to staying free.

Deliverance II

  • Continuance and further exploration of the objectives and materials offered in the Deliverance I course
  • Reinforcement of the principles found in Pablo Bottari’s 10 step model, further emphasizing the significance of spiritual health related to physical wellness
  • Building a theological foundation for ministering deliverance based on the material presented
  • More extensive personal and pastoral preparation to prepare and direct you in implementing a Holy Spirit filled ministry
  • Exposure to Global’s ministry questionnaire and practicing its use as well as implementing its use

Deliverance III

  • Strategic Warfare Prayer
  • Setting your church free
  • Healing of the land
  • Transformational revival


Deliverance IV

  • Developing an equipping track for deliverance
  • Values, knowledge and skills for deliverance equipping
  • Developing your team
  • The truth about our true identity
  • Building character and identity statement



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